Pretty Things

The Sweet Pretty Things - Repertoire 2015

Tracks: 1. The Same Sun / 2. And I Do / 3. Renaissance Fair / 4. You Took Me by Surprise / 5. Turn My Head / 6. Dark Days / 7. Greenwood Tree / 8. Hell, Here and Nowhere / 9. In the Soukh / 10. Dirty Song


Unbelievable that the old rock veterans from the Pretty Things can find motivation and energy for one more album. I believe this new album is their 12th studiowork since the debut in 1965, so one can certainly not blame them for having doused market with their always energetic and usually fine music.

On this new album, "The Sweet Pretty Things" we find two original members, singer Phil May and guitarist Dick Taylor, and both still take part in the songwriting supported especially the younger member of the group, George Woosey.

The music is mostly classic rock, the way it often sounded early 1970s. The more refined arrangements and melodies that characterized some the group's major albums such as "Parachute" and "Silk Torpedo", there is not much left of here in 2015 – it is really back to basics. Vocally you’ll notice that Mays voice has changed over the years - deeper, but still with a lot of strength.

The album is generally very solid, but you might with some justification, argue that it lacks a couple of really great tunes. Strongest I think find the opening track "The Same Sun," written by Dick Taylor and producer Mark St. John, and the dark and droning "Dirty Song" written by May / Woosey.

A couple of interesting cover versions have also found a place; an unexpected Byrds song "Renaissance Fair" has been given new life, with some quirky vocal harmonies, and the old Seeds number "You Took Me By Surprise" is revisited once again.

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