Indigo Girls

Swamp Ophelia - Epic 1994

Tracks: 1. Fugitive / 2. Least Complicated / 3. Language Or The Kiss / 4. Reunion / 5. Power Of Two / 6. Touch Me Fall / 7. The Wood Song / 8. Mystery / 9. Dead Man's Hill / 10. Fare Thee Well / 11. This Train Revised


I must admit that I was a little disappointed when I first listened to "Swamp Ophelia". I had real great expectations after "Rites of Passage" and "Nomads, Saints . . ". There were no immediate "hits" there - like on the previous albums.

On the other hand, like on all Indigo Girls albums, there are no poor songs. Many of these songs may not be among their very best, but they grow on you when you get to know them. So eventually it became a winner for me

My first favourites were "Least Complicated", "Reunion" and "Power of Two". But also "Dead Man's Hill" and "Fare Thee Well" are very strong tracks. Most of the album is rather quiet, but on a couple of Amy's songs they get real hard rocking; especially "Touch Me Fall" and "This Train Revised".

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