Beach Boys

Surf´s Up - Brother 1971

Tracks: 1. Don't Go Near the Water / 2. Long Promised Road / 3. Take a Load off Your Feet / 4. Disney Girls 1957" / 5. Student Demonstration Time / 6. Feel Flows / 7. Lookin' at Tomorrow (A Welfare Song) / 8. Day in the Life of a Tree / 9. 'Til I Die / 10. Surf's Up


On "Surf's Up" Brian's contribution is even smaller then on the previous "Sunflower"; only three out of ten songs are his. Fortunately two of them are very good, especially the title track "Surf's Up", which is actually a song from the never released "Smile" project.

Another fine song is "Don`t Go Near the Water" written by Jardine and Love. The pollution/environment theme may sound a little naive, though these problems are even more serious today than when these songs were written; so in that sense you could say that Beach Boys were ahead of their time with this album.

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