Sarah McLachlan

Surfacing - Arista 1997

Tracks: 1. Building A Mystery / 2. I Love You / 3. Sweet Surrender / 4. Adia / 5. Do What You Have To Do / 6. Witness / 7. Angel / 8. Black & White / 9. Full Of Grace / 10. Last Dance


"Surfacing" contains the song that made me notice Sarah McLachlan in the first place. "Building a Mystery" is still my favorite McLachlan song. The song has it all; a great guitar intro, a catchy melody, intelligent lyrics and Sarah's great vocals.

The album as a whole has many other great moments. Some fine ballads that you may not notice the first time you hear them; but songs like "Adia" and "Angel" will surely grow on you, when you get to know them better.

Other songs like "Do What You Have to", "Witness", "Black and White" and "Full of Grace" may be a little harder to get into. These are not weak songs, but they do not seem to have the rhythmic or melodic qualities of Sarah's best songs. "Sweet Surrender" is more up-beat and another highlight.

Conclusion: this is a fine album with a handful of outstanding tracks.

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