Super Extra Gravity - Stockholm Records / Universal Music 2005

Tracks: 1. Losing A Friend / 2. Godspell / 3. Drip Drop Teardrop / 4. Overload / 5. I Need Som Fine Wine And You You / 6. Don't Blame Your Daughter / 7. Little Black Cloud / 8. In The Round / 9. Holy Love / 10. Good Morning Joan / 11. And Then You Kissed Me II


The Cardigans have more or less changed style with each new album. After their most polished and possibly most melodic album "Long Gone Before Daylight", they have returned to a more hard-rocking approach. They have re-united with their original producer Tore Johansson, so you might think their sound would much like "Gran Turismo". This isn't really the case - I have always felt that many tracks on "Turismo" had a thin and very minimalistic sound - almost cold. They have been able to maintain the warmth of "Daylight", which made that album my favourite. Musically this new album is more varied and adventurous, and it's generally harder rocking.

One terrific example of the Cardigans rocking is their new single "I Need Some Fine Wine, And You Need to be Nicer". It has one the greatest intros I have heard for years. Enjoy Nina's commands "Sit", "Good dog","Stay", "Bad dog" etc.

Other outstanding tracks are the up-beat songs "Godspell" and "Good Morning Joan", both of which be good choices for the follow-up single. "Godspell", besides being immediately catchy, features a highly original guitar-solo. "Good Morning Joan" is even more cathcy and it has a beat and guitar-sound very much like the Velvet Underground ( Waiting for My Man ).

Of the slow songs, the moving "Don't Blame Your Daughter" stand out.

The riff-based "In the Round" is also very melodic and it has a great bass sound.

"Long Gone Before Daylight" is still my favourite Cardigans album, but this one comes in a close second.

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