Beach Boys

Sunflower - Brother 1970

Tracks: 1. Slip on Through / 2. This Whole World / 3. Add Some Music to Your Day / 4. Got to Know the Woman / 5. Deirdre / 6. It's About Time / 7. Tears in the Morning / 8. All I Wanna Do / 9. Forever / 10. Our Sweet Love / 11. At My Window / 12. Cool, Cool Water


First Beach Boys album on the Brother label after their departure from Capitol.

Brian Wilson is obviously not so much the dominating character on this 2 album, and to my ears some songs simply do not sound like Beach Boys songs.

The two Bruce Johnston contributions on "Sunflower" are both a bit too sirupy for my taste, and Dennis Wilson's "Got to Know the Woman" does not at all sound like the Beach Boys.

But aside from from these songs most of `Sunflower` is actually very good.

Highlights are Dennis Wilson's two other contributions "Slip on Through" and "Forever". There are glimpses of earlier greatness in Brian Wilson's songs, but somehow they sound a little unfinished. Best of them are "All I Wanna Do" and "At My Window".

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