Singles - Sony 2003

Tracks: 1. Beautiful Ones / 2. Animal Nitrate / 3. Trash / 4. Metal Mickey / 5. So Young / 6. The Wild Ones / 7. Obsessions / 8. Filmstar / 9. Can't Get Enough / 10. Everything Will Flow / 11. Stay Together / 12. Love the Way You Love / 13. The Drowners / 14. New Generation / 15. Lazy / 16. She's in Fashion / 17. Attitude / 18. Electricity / 19. We Are the Pigs / 20. Positivity / 21. Saturday Night


When the "Singles" was released in late 2003, it was more or less in the air that it could very well be the end of "Suede". The latest album "A New Morning" was a commercial disappointment, and musically the album probably was not quite what Suede fans had hoped for. Furthermore, why publish a compilation album at this particular time?

Nevertheless, this is a beautiful collection of fine singles. The group's latest single "Attitude" and "Love the Way You Love" are released here on album for the first time. Without of being really weak, both numbers show, however, that Suede had begun having trouble coming up with new quality material, and the decision to go their separate ways appear reasonable.

All the group's 20 singles are included, and this is really a nice streak of cathcy pop hits. The earliest songs from the group's first three albums also show the Suede as original and innovative.

It is in itself impressive that the group's third album "Coming Up" delivered no less than five top twenty hits.

My personal favorites are "Animal Nitrate" , "Metal Mickey" and "We Are the Pigs" from Bernard Butler line-up, and "Everything Will Flow" and all five singles from "Coming Up" from the later incarnations of the band.

Exciting if the new reformed Suede can follow up on this fine legacy of the past.

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