Wishful Thinking

Step By Step and other singles 1963-1968 plus unreleased tracks (comp.) 2007 DK: Frost Records FROST WISH1

Tracks: 1. The Kerry Dancers / 2. Little White Lies / 3. Don't Listen To Your Friends / 4. Say You're Mine / 5. King Lonely The Blue / 6. Someone Else's Fool / 7. Turning Round / 8. V.I.P. / 9. Step By Step / 10. Looking Around / 11. Count To Ten / 12. Hang Around Girl / 13. Cherry, Cherry / 14. Peanuts / 15. Meet The Sun / 16. Easier Said Than Loving You / 17. Alone / 18. Vegetables / 19. It's So Easy / 20. I Want You Girl / 21. Wonderful Day / 22. Hush / 23. Personality / 24. Top Of The World / 25. If You Don't Want My Love / 26. Walk Away Renee / 27. We Can Sing Together / 28. We're Back In Britain


Wishful Thinking who started their recording career as the Emeralds recorded a few singles during 1964-65, but it wasn’t until a change of name to Wishful Thinking and a few line-up channges that the band really made any significant impression.

Playing a kind of music in the same vein as their contemporaries The Tremeloes with a marked use of falsetto vocals, the band recorded a string of great singles for Decca during 1966-68.

They never had a really big hit in their native England, but they were quite big in some European countries like Denmark and Germany, where they had big hits with “Step by Step” ( a minor hit in England ), “Count ot Ten” and “Peanuts”.

Unfortunately the band was never given the opportunity to record a full studio-album in the 1960’s, which is really a big shame, since great single tracks like “V.I.P”, “Turning Around”, “Cherry, Cherry”, “Meet the Sun”, “Hang Around Girl”, “Looking Around” and “I Want You Girl” show a band as great as many other bands of their era, and at any rate a much more interesting band as the aforementioned Tremeloes. Moreover they wrote some fine originals and the previously unreleased tracks “Walk Away Renée”, “We Can Swing Together” and “Hush” are really great addition to their limited recorded output.

The band actually did release a live album for Decca in 1967 and they also released a studio album “Hiroshima” in 1971, which showed a more progressive side of the band.

A great compilation recommended for fans of bands like the Beach Boys, the Searchers or the Rocking Berries.

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