Suzanne Vega

State of Being - Razor and Tie 2011

Tracks: 1. Undertow / 2. When Heroes Go Down / 3. My Favorite Plum / 4. Solitude Standing / 5. Cracking / 6. Last Years Troubles / 7. Solitaire / 8. Tombstone / 9. Blood Makes Noise / 10. 50-50 Chance / 11. Penitent / 12. Straight Lines / 13. Pornographer s Dream / 14. Instant of the Hour After


Suzanne Vegas third album in her Close-Up series of re-recordings has got the theme of "States of Being" - and there are really many different moods in her always thought-provoking lyrics.

Apart from a single song, "Instant of the Hour After" (now released on "Lover Beloved"), the songs are taken from her albums from her debut to Beauty and Crime from 2007. Most new versions are stripped-down versiosn, which are interesting alternatives to the known versions; In some cases, I actually prefer the new version, while others may not fully live up to the original (eg, when Heroes Go Down "which to med sounds like a demo).

Gerry Leonard stands for the new arrangements, which in many cases offer nice acoustic strings. Leonard himself is an excellent guitarist and I was lucky to have the pleasure of seeing Vega and Leonard perform on their Europe Tour in June 2017.

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