Standing on the Shoulder of Giants - Sony 2000

Tracks: 1. Fuckin' In The Bushes / 2. Go Let It Out! / 3. Who Feels Love? / 4. Put Your Money Where Yer Mouth Is / 5. Little James / 6. Gas Panic! / 7. Where Did It All Go Wrong? / 8. Sunday Morning Call / 9. I Can See A Liar / 10. Roll It Over


This was Oasis' fourth album after the disappointing "Be Here Now". I think most fans had expected a step upwards again with this album, but unfortunately this was not the case. Compared to the excellent "What's the Story, Morning Glory?" this is really a disappointment. In every respect this albums falls short compared to WTSMG. It does not have all the great songs, it is a much poorer production, Liam's vocals sound strained in comparison and the overall impression is one of lack of inspiration.

Having said all this, it does have some minor highlights. "Go Let Let if Out" is not a bad single, and one of the few tracks that has the old sound of the band. "Who Feels Love?", with it's Bee Gees vocal harmonies is also decent, but too long. The same can be said about "Gas Panic", a track which also suffers from too heavy production and too much sound - not a bad song, though.

"Sunday Morning Call" has a nice melody, but some very poor synth-choir keyboard sounds - still my personal favourite on the album. "Roll it Over" is also a good song in the same vein as Champagne Supernova" and "Cast No Shadow", though not quite in the same league - again too longwinded. Maybe the fact that only "Go Let it Out" was chosen for their "Stop the Clocks" compilation, says it all.

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