Ten Years After

Sssh - Deram 1969

Tracks: 1. Bad Scene / 2. Two Time Mama / 3. Stoned Woman / 4. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl / 5. If You Should Love Me / 6. I Don't Know That You Don't Know My Name / 7. Stomp / 8. I Woke Up This Morning


This album must be thrill for any fan of English heavy blues/hard rock.

I had the album on vinyl years ago, and I recently bought the album again on CD. Somehow my favourites have changed with the time. It seems that some of my old favourites go on a bit too long. It is beyond question that Lee is a terrific guitarist and that Ten Years After was a great band, but Lee's songwriting on this album is mostly very traditional blues/rock, and some songs may sound a little dated.

"I Woke Up This Morning" and "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" are still great tracks, but less aggressive songs like "Two Time Mama" and "If You Should Love Me" are my favourites today; especially the great build up on "If You Should Love Me" makes this song a highlight.

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