Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Specter at the Feast - Abstract Dragon 2013

Tracks: 1. Fire Walker / 2. Let The Day Begin / 3. Returning / 4. Lullaby / 5. Hate The Taste / 6. Rival / 7. Teenage Disease / 8. Some Kind of Ghost / 9. Sometimes The Light / 10. Funny Games / 11. Sell It / 12. Lose Yourself


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's seventh album is a good mix of punk rockers and slower songs with more emphasis on the melodic. The group sound is less dominated by acoustic guitar than on most of the previous albums, and the distorted guitars is given a lot of space on the punkier songs, especially on tracks like "Let the Day Begin", "Rival", "Funny games "and" Teen Disease ", the former clear strongest of the four.

The most captivating tracks you will find among the more subdued tracks, not least the beautiful "Lullaby", "Returning" and nof course the alluring long end song "Lose Yourself".

A mysterious and different mood is struck on the opening track "Fire Walker" which may an interesting song but which somehow never really is redeemed. Also among the more experimental tracks you find "Some Kind of Ghost" - which may well give a brush of spooky atmosphere. Almost ghostly hymn-like is "Sometimes the Light" with an instrumentation consisting only of voices and a church-like organ.

The group's penchant to drawing on the blues is reflected on tracks like "Hate the Taste", and finally, they document with "Sell it" that Kurt Cobain and Nirvana did not live in vain - could almost sounds like an outtake from "In Utero".

For me it will probably be "Lullaby" and "Lose Yourself", which bring me back to this otherwise very solid album.

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