Suzanne Vega

Songs in Red and Grey - AM Records 2001

Tracks:Penitent / 2. Widow's Walk / 3. (I'll Never Be) Your Maggie May / 4. It Makes Me Wonder / 5. Soap And Water / 6. Songs In Red And Gray / 7. Last Year's Troubles / 8. Priscilla / 9. If I Were A Weapon / 10. Harbor Song / 11. Machine Ballerina / 12. Solitaire / 13. St. Clare


This was Vega's first album after her divorce from her husband and producer on her two previous albums, Mitchell Froom. The theme of breaking-up is naturally dominating many these songs.

The production of this album is slightly softer than ""99.9 F" and "Nine Objects of Desire", and probably less daring. The record has been criticised for being overproduced; personaly I think her production suits her songs brilliantly. And songs are mostly great and like always, Suzanne Vega's lyrics are melodic and thought-provoking. Only few songs are immediately catchy and it may take a few listens to get into many of them.

My first favourites were the up-beat songs "I'll Never Be Your Maggie May". "Last Year's Troubles" (great lyrics on that one too!) and "If I Were a Weapon". Among the slower and more silent songs "Soap and Water" and "St Claire" are really great. All in all an album you can enjoy and listen to many times!

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