Ricky Nelson

Songs By Ricky - Imperial 1959

Tracks: 1. Brand New Girl / 2. You'll Never Know What You're Missin' / 3. That's All / 4. . Just A Little Too Much / 5. One Minute To One / 6. Half Breed / 7. You're So Fine / 8. Don't Leave Me / 9. Sweeter Than You / 10. A Long Vacation / 11. So Long / 12. . Blood From A Stone / 13. I've Been Thinkin' / 14. Just A Little Too Much (alt.) / 15. Sweeter Than You (alt) / 16. I've Been Thinkin' (alt)


Ricky Nelson's 4th album for Imperial. Another great collection of recordings, again filled with great tunes by some Rick's favorite songwriters like Johnny and Dorsey Burnette and Baker Knight. The guitar playing by James Burton is terrific; varied and innovative. Just listen to the guitar breaks in "One Minute to One", "Just a Little Too Much" or "I`ve Been Thinking".

More great ballads that fit Ricks's soft voice perfectly like "Sweeter Than You" (fine alt. version) and "Halfbreed"

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