Eva Cassidy

Songbird - Blix Street - 1998

Tracks: 1. Fields of Gold / 2. Wade In The Water / 3. Autumn Leaves / 4. Wayfaring Stranger / 5. Songbird / 6. Time Is A Healer / 7. I Know You By Heart / 8. People Get Ready / 9. Oh, Had I A Golden Thread / 10. Over The Rainbow


J"Songbird" is a compilation album of tracks from the three previous Cassidy releases. The album, which was released two years after her untimely death was a huge commercial success, and it was the first to reach the number one spot in the charts.

The performances of the ten songs are dazzling and it is highly deserved it got such a prominent reception; sad that Cassidy never even got to experience this recognition.

My favorites are Christine McVie's title track, Sting's "Fields of Gold" and the beautiful "I Know You By Heart" written by Diane Scanlon and Eve Nelson. Also, "People Get Ready" and "Over The Rainbow" are performed with fervor and conviction.

I clearly prefer Eva Cassidy when she interprets melodic ballads, but is less enthusiastic about her jazzy side, exemplified here by "Oh, Had I a Golden Thread" and "Time is a Healer".

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