Suzanne Vega

Solitude Standing - AM Records 1987

Tracks: 1. Tom's Diner / 2. Luka / 3. Ironbound/Fancy Poultry / 4. In The Eye / 5. Night Vision / 6. Solitude Standing / 7. Calypso / 8. Language / 9. Gypsy / 10. Wooden Horse / 11. Tom's Diner (Reprise)


"Solitude Standing" must be Suzanne Vega's best sellling album; obviously greatly helped by its hit singles "Tom's Diner" and the international breakthough "Luka". Now almost 20 years have passed since its first release, and still these two fine songs sound important and great. The album in general is probably the one with the broadest appeal given an almost mainstream-production, which is most obvious on the sound of the drums.

Among the other tracks "Gypsy", with its sparse arrangement, stand out - still a live favourite; Also Calypso and the title track have kept a place in her live repertoire. Overall the songs are tastefully arranged, and the album is clearly a must-have for fans of melodic, folk-inspired songwriting and soft quiet vocals.

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