Francoise Hardy

Soleil - Sonopresse 1970

Tracks: 1. Point / 2. San Salvador / 3. Fleur de lune /4. Effeuille-moi le coeur / 5. Un petit sourire un petit mot / 6. Le crabe / 7. Mon monde n'est pas vrai / 8. Tu ressembles à tous ceux qui ont eu du chagrin / 9. L'ombre / 10. Soleil / 11. Je fais des puzzles / 12. Dame souris trotte


"Soleil" 1970 is probably one of Hardy's less known / profiled albums. A mixture of pop, ballads, with occasional rock feel, and arrangements that at times tend towards MOR. Many of the best songs are written by Hardy herself in her familiar melancholy and melodic style. These are also the songs that come closest to the style of her golden period in the middle in the 1960s.

Also, the fine pop ballad "Fleur de Lune" written by Jones / Brown is a highlight. My personal favorite is Hardy's own "Tu Resembles a Tous ceux Qui Ont Eu you Chagrin". In fact, all Hardys songs are really good; listen for example too to "Mon monde n'est pas vrai" and "Point", and you’ll easily forgive that a few of the songs bear little touch of forgettable filler.

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