Sarah McLachlan

Solace - Arista 1991

Tracks:1. Drawn To The Rhythm / 2. Into The Fire / 3. The Path Of Thorns / 4. I Will Not Forget You / 5. Lost / 6. Back Door Man / 7. Shelter / 8. Black / 9. Home / 10. Mercy / 11. Wear Your Love Like Heaven


What originally turned my attension towards Sarah McLachlan was her terrific song "Building a Mystery" which opens the the "Lilith Fair" 1997 DVD concert. I bought the DVD because of the contributions from Sheryl Crow and Indigo Girls. I then discovered that Sarah was a singer and an artist that could not be ignored. Her performances there are simply outstanding. Her great songs, her unforgettable voice and charm; convinced me.

"Solace" was her second album; first released in 1991. There are some very fine songs here; especially in the first half on the CD; the CD loses a little steam towards the end.

My favourite track is "The Path of Thorns", but other songs like "Drawn to the Rhytm", "Into the Fire" and "Lost" are just as strong as most of her later recordings.

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