The Soft Parade - Elektra 1969

Tracks: 1. Tell All The People / 2. Touch Me / 3. Shaman's Blues / 4. Do It / 5. Easy Ride / 6. Wild Child / 7. Runnin' Blue / 8. Wishful Sinful / 9. The Soft Parade


"The Soft Parade" is usually regarded as the least successful Doors album with Jim Morrison. You get the impression the the band was in need of enough good material and some of the better songs are partly ruined by too heavy orchestrations. So by Doors standards it may not be a great album, but this does not make it a bad album at all.

The two opening tracks "Tell All the People" and "Touch Me"are both great songs, though I would have preferred gentler arrangements. But the Doors were obviously seeking new grounds at this point of their career. "Shaman's Blues" is back to the classical Doors sound. A very good track!

"Do it" is also close to being classical Doors, though not really a very interesting track.. The same could be said about "Easy Ride", which comes out pretty lightweight. "Wild Child" is a bluesy track, not unlike the style of their final album "L.A. Woman" - though not one of their best blues songs.

Fortunately the last three tracks are the Doors at their best. "The Running Blues" is varied song very different musical parts; and a charming vocal performance by Robbie Krieger in the country-break. "Wishful Sinful" is a great pop-song and the second single to be taken from the album.

The long title track is a suite of different musical parts, of which most are really great. Fortunately this great finale was allowed to be just the Doors - no outside orchestration. "Welcome to the Soft Parade"

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