Small Faces

BBC Sessions 1965-1968 - Varese 2000

Tracks: 1. What'cha Gonna Do About It? / 2. Jump Back / 3. Baby Don't You Do It / 4. Shake / 5. Sha-La-La-La-Lee / 6. You Need Loving / 7. Hey Girl / 8. E Too D / 9. One Night Stand / 10. You'd Better Believe It / 11. Understanding / 12. All or Nothing / 13. If I Were a Carpenter / 14. Lazy Sunday 15. Every Little Bit Hurts / 16. Rare Interviews With Steve Marriott / 17. Rare Interviews With Steve Marriott / 18. Rare Interviews With Steve Marriott / 19. Rare Interviews With Steve Marriott / 20. Rare Interview With Kenny Jones


This BBC release shows the Small Faces as a really tight band, which to a great extent were able to recreate the magic of their studio recordings in a live situation.

In particular, the earliest recordings are surprisingly strong - very close interplay and Steve Marriott vocally convincing and nice raw sound on his guitar.

Most numbers are known from their regular releases, but there two exceptions - the early "Jump Back" is one, which does not add anything significant to the band catalogue, though. "If I were a Carpenter", which otherwise only exists in a live version known from the 1969 album "The Autumn Stone" is more interesting. Although the arrangement is broadly indentical to the known from the live version, you are now able to hear the harmony vocals and the overall sound is of course considerably better.

Very sad that so many of the group's BBC recordings seem to be lost; but we must enjoy these so much more. A really solid release, even though I had expected more 1967-68 recordings by the group would be available (the period when they musically really blossomed).

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