John Cale

Slow Dazzle - Island 1975

Tracks: 1. Wilson / 2. Taking It All Away / 3. Dirty Ass Rock 'n' Roll / 4. Darling I Need You / 5. Rollaroll / 6. Heartbreak Hotel / 7. Ski Patrol / 8. I'm Not The Loving Kind / 9. Guts / 10. The Jeweller


Cale's 1975 album "Slow Dazzle" more or less follows the same tracks that were laid out with his first Island album "Fear". It's a fine combination of fine pop-ballads and great rocking tunes still with touches of Cale's avantgardish approach.

The opener, "Mr Wilson", is Cale's tribute to Brian Wilson whose influence on Cale is obvious on several tracks on more of his albums.

"Dirty Ass Rock'n Roll" and "Darling I Need You" are two pianobased rockers, the first with Dylan-like vocals the other slightly Fats Domino inspired. The standout rocker, though, is the terrific "Guts" with a guitar-riff worthy of a Keith Richards at his best. The only non-Cale original is a weird version of "Hearbreak Hotel" - if you do not listen the lyrics you'll never notice it was the old Elvis song.

The melodic side of Cale is showcased with "Taking it All Away", "Im Not the Loving Kind" and "Ski Patrol", the latter the most commercial song on the album. "The Jeweller" is a story recited by Cale, not unlike "The Gift" from his Velvet Underground days.

While not quite as consistent in its songwriting as "Fear", this is easily on of Cale's best albums.

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