Sliver - Geffen 2005

Tracks: 1. Spank Thru / 2. Heartbreaker / 3. Mrs. Butterworth / 4. Floyd The Barber / 5. Clean Up Before She Comes / 6. About A Girl / 7. Blandest / 8. Ain't It A Shame / 9. Sappy / 10. Opinion / 11. Lithium / 12. Sliver / 13. Smells Like Teen Spirit / 14. Come As You Are / 15. Old Age / 16. Oh The Guilt / 17. Rape Me (Solo Acoustic) / 18. Rape Me (Demo) / 19. Heart Shaped Box / 20. Do Re Mi / 21. You Know You're Right / 22. All Apologies


This collection of demos, outtakes, rehearsals, etc. has many interesting moments, and also some that comes close to great; but overall it must be a collection for hard-core fans and completists.

The accompanying booklet provides many and relevant informations on the numbers and their origin, and fortunately the tracks er listed chronologically, making it much easier to get an overview of Cobain's musical development.

The sound is of varying quality, which is not surprising. Among the tracks not found on any of the group's official studio albums, the tracks "Sappy" and "Old Age" from "Nevermind" are fine.

The two 1994 recordings. "Do Re Mi" and "You Know You're Right" are interesting by being some of the very last Cobain recorded and thus indicators of which way Nirvana might have been continued.

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