T Rex

The Slider - Fly 1972

Tracks: 1. Metal Guru / 2. Mystic Lady / 3. Rock On / 4. The Slider / 5. Baby Boomerang / 6. Spaceball Ricochet / 7. Buick Mackane / 8. Telegram Sam / 9. Rabbit Fighter / 10. Baby Strange / 11. Ballrooms of Mars / 12. Chariot Choogle / 13. Main Man / 14. Cadillac [*] / 15. Thunderwing [*] / 16. Lady [*]


"The Slider" was the successor to T. Rex 's perhaps the only truly well-rounded album "Electric Warrior". To a certain extent "The Slider" is more of the same, of course aided by producer Tony Visconti but also by the two great Turtles vocalists Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman who help create the big sound that characterized the T. Rex during this period.

When "The Slider" not quite matches its predecessor's heights, it is primarily because some of the songs do not quite keep the level of "Electric Warrior". But this does not in any way make "The Slider" a weak or uninteresting album - here's plenty to enjoy.

"Metal Guru"and "Telegram Sam"(perhaps a little too much a rip-off of "Get it On ") - are well-known single-hits, and "Rock On ", "Baby Boomerang" and "Main Man " belong among the group's best-known songs. Among the less typical numbers you'll find some of Bolan's best songs, such as "Ballrooms of Mars, ""The Slider" and "Spaceball Ricochet".

Among the bonus tracks "Thunderwing" is a good number in classic T.Rex arrangement.

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