Flying Burrito Brothers

Sleepless Nights - AM Records 1976 ( 1970-73 )

Tracks: 1. Brand New Heartache / 2. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down / 3. Sing Me Back Home / 4. Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven / 5. Crazy Arms / 6. Close Up The Honky Tonks / 7. Sleepless Nights / 8. Together Again / 9. Honky Tonk Woman / 10. Green, Green Grass Of Home /11. Dim Lights / 12. The Angels Rejoiced Last Night


This post-humous collection of Gram Parsons recordings was originally released in 1976 - 3 years after his death. 9 tracks are Flying Burrito Brothers recordings from early 1970 and 3 tracks were recorded during the "Grievous Angel" sessions. The 3 later tracks are duets with Emmylou Harris.

There are no Parsons originals included. The Burritos were planning to record a whole album of "pure and honest" country music. Most tracks are pleasant, but nothing extraordinary.

Parsons had a good voice for country music, but this collection does not give the answer to how he could become a legend in country-rock. There are some fine vocal harmonies with Chris Hilmann and with Emmylou Harris things rarely go completely wrong.

Of the Burrito songs "Sing Me Back Home", "Your Angel Steps Out of Heaven" and "Dim Lights" are really good, and "The Angels Rejoiced Last Night" with Harris is the highlight of the album.

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