Sixpence None The Richer

Sixpence None the Richer - Squint Entertainment 1997

Tracks: 1. Angetread / 2. Love Salvation Fear Of Death / 3. Bleeding / 4. Within A Room Somewhere / 5. Melting Alone / 6. Circle Of Error / 7. Garden / 8. Disconnect / 9. Thought Menagerie / 10. Maybe Tomorrow / 11. Drifting / 12. I Can't Explain


This was the big breakthough album of Six Pence None the Richer. Containing the two big hit-singles "Kiss Me" and "There She Goes Again" the album obviously had good chances of making it.

The opening track "We Have Forgotten" was the first track that stirred my attention; sounding very folkish I was very certain that this was a new British folk-act - later when checking the band out on the internet I found out I was wrong and that this was really and American band led by singer Leigh Nash and songwriter/guitarist Matt Slocum.

The extremely catchy and commercial "There She Goes Again" was the song that convinced me that this band was worth seeking out - a little Blondie, a little of the Cardigans but the voice of lead singer Leigh Nash also had something unique about it. "There She Goes Again" was actually a cover of a song recorded by the La's, which is also great, but for me this version is The version.

Besides the commercial "Kiss Me" other tracks that deserve being brought forward are two other folkish tunes "Anything" and "Easy to Ignore" ( featuring a great violin part ).

Towards the end the album loses a little steam, and some songs seem a little pale compared to the great song in the first half of the album. Still a great album that puts itself somewhere between folk and pop.

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