Big Star

Third / Sister Lovers - PVC 1975

Tracks: 1. Kizza Me / 2. Thank You Friends / 3. Big Black Car / 4. Jesus Christ / 5. Femme Fatale / 6. O, Dana / 7. Holocaust / 8. Kangaroo / 9. Stroke It Noel / 10. For You / 11. You Can't Have Me / 12. Nightime / 13. Blue Moon / 14. Take Care / 15. Nature Boy / 16. Till The End Of The Day / 17. Dream Lover / 18. Downs / 19. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On


"Third/Sister Lovers" was recorded as follow up to "Radio City" in 1975. Of the original members only Chilton and Stephens were left and a lot of different musicians contributed to the recordings. John Fry was also involved during the recordings of Big Star's first two albums as engineer/producer. Due to the earlier albums' lack of commercial succes the album was not released until 1978 in the wake of the punk/new wave which gave renewed interest in bands like Big Star.

Musically most of this album differs a lot from the first two. Many of the tracks are cleary not a band recordings, but more like solo performances by Chilton with various guest musicians. The are exceptions, though. On songs like "Thank You Friends" and "Jesus Christ" the old Big Star feeling is still there.

The album shows a lot of different moods. There are moments of desperation on songs like "Kizza Me", "Downs" and "You Can't Have Me", beautiful ballads like "Stroke It Noel", "Nighttime" and "Blue Moon"; gloomy mystrious moods on "Holocaust", "Kangaroo" and "Dream Lover"

My favourites: Thank You Friends, Jesus Christ, Stroke It Noel, For You, Nighttime and Blue Moon.

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