Singles - Sony 2004

Tracks: 1. Sing / 2. Driftwood / 3. Writing to Reach You / 4. Why Does It Always Rain on Me? / 5. Re-Offender / 6. Walking in the Sun / 7. Tied to the 90's / 8. Coming Around / 9. Flowers in the Window / 10. Love Will Come Through / 11. More Than Us / 12. Side / 13. U16 Girls / 14. Happy / 15. All I Want to Do Is Rock / 16. Beautiful Occupations / 17. Turn / 18. Distance


"Singles" contains the hits from Travis' first four albums. A quite impressive string of hits. Some of them may have been somewhat overplayed, but most of the songs are still a pleasure to listen to.

It's worth noting that three songs are not found on any of the original albums. The great tune "Coming Around" was a non-album single released in 2000. Specifically for this release two new songs have been recorded. "Walking in the Sun" was released on a single and became another hit in 2004. The closing track "The Distance" is also a great song. If somebody had told me it was a new Ocean Colour Scene song, I would not have doubted this one minute.

A minor objection to the booklet is that I find it extremely difficult to read. Very little style and half written in yellow letters. Even with my best reading glasses it requires great effort to decipher the text.

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