Sing Holland Dozier Holland - Motown 1967

Tracks: 1. You Keep Me Hangin' On / 2. You're Gone / 3. Love Is Here And Now You're Gone / 4. Mother You,Smother You / 5. I'll Guess I'll Always Love You / 6. I'll Turn To Stone / 7. It's The Same Old Song / 8. Going Down For The Third Time / 9. Love Is In Our Hearts / 10. Remove This Doubt / 11. There's No Stopping Us Now / 12. Heatwave


"You Keep Me Hanging On" is the stand out, but since the songwriting team Holland/Dozier/Holland again are writers of all songs the album ranks equally along with most other early Supremes albums.

"Mother You, Smother You" "It's the Same Old Song" and "There's No Stopping Us Now" are other memorable songs.

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