Brinsley Schwarz

Silver Pistol - United Artists 1971

Tracks: 1. Dry Land / 2. Merry Go Round / 3. One More Day / 4. Nightingale / 5. Silver Pistol / 6. The Last Time I Was Fooled / 7. Unknown Number / 8. Range War / 9. Egypt / 10. Niki Hoeke Speedway / 11. Ju Ju Man / 12. Rockin' Chair


It can be difficult to describe or explain what is Brinsley Schwarz's own style or plate. On some songs and albums they may sound a lot like American bands like the Flying Burrito Brothers or the Grateful Dead. While on other albums they are more blues rock oriented. It's a bit like the group never quite found their own expression, perhaps due to the production which on most records was somewhat featureless and flat.

The group's obvious strength were the good songs, of which there were many on most albums. In particular, it was a great asset to the group to have two very fine songwriters in Nick Lowe and Ian Gomm.

Silver Pistol from 1971 is oftemn considered as their finest, especially because of the strong songwriting, so you easily forgive that they may lack a bit of originality. If you did not know any better, you'd believe that you were listening to an American band strongly inspirereret by people like Gram Parsons or John Sebastian.

Ian Gomm, contributes here with four songs that are all great. Especially "Dry Land" and "Range War" belong to the group's very best.

Otherwise it is as usual Nick Lowe, who is the most prolific contributor. Among Lowe's songs you'll probably notice the fine John Sebastian-inspired ballad "Nightingale". Also the upbeat and melodic "Unknown Number" is a highlight. Finally, the title track could be brought forward on an album where there are no real weak tracks.

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