Divine Comedy

A Short Album About Love - Setanta 1997

Tracks: 1. In Pursuit of Happiness / 2. Everybody Knows (except you) / 3. Someone / 4. IfÖ / 5. If I Were You (i'd be through with me) / 6. Timewatching / 7. I'm All You Need


Apart from the very catchy single "Everybody Knows" I dare say that "A Short Album About Love" has more in common with Scott Walker and Frank Sinatra than with the Brit-pop brand which has often been attached to Hannon. Eg. You only really notice the precense of the guitar on a few of the tracks.

Although the big musical arrangements have been part of the groupís / Hannonís music since "Liberation" the big orchestral sound is on this album very pronounced. As the title indicated itís an album with focus "Love" in various forms. Hannon is a unusually gifted songwriter who both melodically and lyrically is on par with greats such as Ray Davies of the Kinks.

It took me some time to get used to the slightly pompous orchestra sounds, but eventually the fine songs convinced me Ė and, of course, Hannonís vocals - he can croon without being too much.

Besides "Everybody Knows", I will highlight the grandiose "Someone", the ballad "If", the catchy "If I Were You" (Bacharach style) and the fine final track "I'm All You Need". Definitely an album that wins on closer acquaintance

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