Linda & Richard Thompson

Shoot Out the Lights - Hannibal 1982

Tracks: 1. Don't Renege On Our Love / 2. Walking On A Wire / 3. Man In Need / 4. Just The Motion / 5. Shoot Out The Lights / 6. Back Street Slide / 7. Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed / 8. Wall Of Death / 9. Living in Luxury [*]


"Shoot Out the Lights" was Richard and Linda Thompson's 1982. comeback album after two slightly disappointing albums released on the Chrysalis label in 1978 and 1979. Unfortunately this was also to be their last, as both their marriage and their artistic partnership was falling apart at this point. Quite a paradox as the album is as strong as their finest albums recorded for Island in the mid 1970's.

Musically more rocking and less folkish than their Island albums; lyrically at least as dark as "Pour Down Like Silver". Titles "Walking on a Wire", "Shoot out the Lights" and "Wall of Death" indicate the general dark tone of the album.

Richard who takes the lead vocals on the more rocking tracks like "Don't Renege on Our Love" and "Man in Need", while the two great ballads "Just the Motion" and "Walking on a Wire" have Linda in front. Along with the two outstanding closing tracks "Did She Jump" and "Wall of Death" the Linda ballads are my favourites on the album.

Strong songwriting by Richard and tight playing from the band, which besides Richard on guitar consists of old Fairport friends like Simon Nicol, Dave Pegg and Dave Mattacks, make the album one of the most consistent in Richard Thompson's long career.

Produced by another old Fairport friend Joe Boyd, who produced the first five Fairport albums and several later Richard Thompson solo albums.

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