Indigo Girls

Shaming of The Sun - Epic 1997

Tracks: 1. Shame on You / 2. Get Out the Map / 3. Shed Your Skin / 4. It's Alright / 5. Cara Mia / 6. Don't Give That Girl a Gun / 7. Leeds / 8. Scooter Boys / 9. Everything in Its Own Time / 10. Cut It Out / 11. Burn All the Letters / 12. Hey Kind Friend


This album has often been referred to as one of the weaker Indigo Girls albums, and I have to admit that I tend to agree on this; but since there are no really weak albums by the duo, maybe it doesn't really matter that much.

The problem may be that many tracks, though seperately fine songs, do not seem to have the quality that make you remember them and want to hear them again. And generally this is probably the least melodic Indigo Girls album; it is also among the most electric, with electric guitars and drums on most tracks.

The albums starts off greatly, though, with one of their coolest rockers, "Shame on You", written by Ray. The opener is followed by another highlight, Emily Saliers' melodic "Get Out the Map". There are obviously other solid tracks, but apart from the first two, none really stand out.

On second thoughts, "Don't Give That Girl a Gun" and "Everything in its Own Time" also deserve to be brought out. Though not their best album, still an important and appreciated release.

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