The Shame Just Drained - Line 1984 ( 66-69 )

Tracks:1. Little Queenie / 2. Baby Im A Comin / 3. Lisa / 4. I`m on Fire / 5. Wait A Minute / 6. Well Make It Together / 7. Peter / 8. Me And My Machine / 9. The Shame Just Drained / 10. Mr Riley Of Higginbottom & Clive / 11. Kelly / 12. Where Old Men Go / 13. Johnny No - One / 14. Amanda Storey / 15. Station On The Third Avenue / 16. Do You Have A Soul 3rd Version / 17. Check The Bassline / 18. Watch Me Burn / 19. Where Did You Go Last Night / 20. Heaven And Hell / 21. Happy Is The Man / 22. Land Of Make Believe / 23. Coke Jingle #1 / 24. Coke Ads #2 & 3


"The Shame Just Drained" was originally released in 1977 as a 15 track collection of outtakes, rarities, EP-tracks etc. Most of the songs were recorded when the band was at the height of their creativity and productivity around 1967-68. Most of it is high-class material; some songs were recorded for an aborted album project and most of them are great. Some of the songs are demos recorded for various artists like Los Bravos and Mike Furber. Most of these recordings sound finished and would have been great additions to their regular albums. Especially the title track, "I`m On Fire" and "Wait a Minute" are standouts.

The EP-track "Lisa" is another highlight. If you like their original albums "Good Friday" and "Vigil" you`re bound to like this one, too. The CD version contains 9 bonus tracks. The alternate version of the great song "Do You Have a Soul" is so close to the original that it`s very hard to tell the difference.

"Heaven and Hell" is a great single which never made it to the charts, possibly because of some controversial lyrics which made some radio-station ban it. This version contains one changed lyric line. "Happy is the Man" and "Land of Make Believe" are 2 more great recordings also in slightly different versions. The Coke Jingles are just fun and actually pretty good.

The CD has been criticized for not containing the original Glenn A. Baker liner notes. I don't understand this. My copy has them, but they're printed very diminished, so I think you`ll need you reading-glasses to interpret them.

Maybe some listeners will find the album a little uneven, but for an Easybeats fan, this is a must.

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