Flamin' Groovies

Shake Some Action - Sire 1976

Tracks: 1. Shake Some Action / 2. Sometimes / 3. Yes, Itís True / 4. St. Louis Blues / 5. You Tore Me Down / 6. Please Please Girl / 7. Let The Boys Rockín Roll / 8. Donít Lie to Me / 9. She Said Yeah / 10. Iíll Cry Alone / 11. Misery / 12. I Saw Her / 13. Teenage Confidential / 14. I Canít Hide


"Shake Some Action" 1976 was The Flaminí Grooviesí first album for Sire Records with Dave Edmunds as a producer.

A new line-up with only Cyril Jordan and bassist George Alexander still in since the previous album and Dave Edmundís much more modern production-style, gave the group a much more contemporary and refreshing sound; still with very strong roots in the music of the 1960s. Moreover the group had a great songwriting duo in Cyril Jordan and Chris Wilson which is another reason that "Shake Some Action" would be much more than just retro nostalgia.

Especially the title track is a little gem that points towards the punk rock and power pop of the immediately following years.

All the other Jordan and Wilson songs are strong - very melodic and well played with guitar sounds that brings to mind both The Byrds and The Beatles. Eight of the fourteen songs are new original group compositions and although the six covers are also fine it is these eight tracks that can justify attaching the label "classic" to the album.

"Sometimes" which the group probably found on the first Terry Melcher produced album with Paul Revere and the Raiders "Here We Come" is an almost note to note copy Ė but it works very well because it really is a great song. In fact, the sound of Flaminí Groovies has a lot in common with the best Paul Revere and the Raiders albums.

All in all, this is one of those rare albums, without any weak tracks.

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