Del Shannon

1661 Seconds With Del Shannon - AMV 1965

Tracks: 1. Stranger In Town / 2. She Cried / 3. Needles & Pins / 4. Broken Promises / 5. Why Don't You Tell Him / 6. I Go To Pieces / 7. Do You Wanna Dance / 8. Rag Doll / 9. I'm Gonna Be Strong / 10. Over You / 11. Running Scared / 12. Keep Searchin (We'll Follow The Sun)


This was Shannon's sixth album. "1661 Seconds" is classic Del Shannon, with great originals and covers of other contemporary artists like "Four Seasons" and Roy Orbison.

The album features two of Shannon's finest original singles "Stranger in Town" and "Keep Searchin'"- Moreover there is Shannon's original "I Go to Pieces" which the British duo Peter and Gordon turned into a top-ten hit. Another stand-out is Shannon's great version of "Rag Doll", which I clearly prefer to the Four Seasons' orginal. Less successful is his cover of Roy Orbison's "Running Scared". Shannon clearly was a big fan of Orbison, but he simply hadn't got the voice to do such a song.

The rest of the album is mostly nice pop-ballads of which several are writtin by Shannon himself. This album is obviously a must have for any fan of Del Shannon.

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