The Searchers

The Searchers - Sire 1979

Tracks: 1. Hearts In Her Eyes / 2. Switchbox Susan / 3. Feeling Fine / 4. Back to the War / 5. This Kind of Love Affair / 6. Lost In Your Eyes / 7. It's Too Late / 8. Love's Melody / 9. No Dancing / 10. Don't Hang On / 11. Love's Gonna Be Strong


This great 1960's Liverpool band recorded 2 albums for Sire Records during 1979-1980. The Searchers were among the finest band to come out of Liverpool, and they inspired many later bands with their exquisite vocals and their guitar-sounds.

These come-back power-pop recordings are great too, though they do not quite match their greatest 1960`s records.

Most of the songs are fine! The vocals still great! The guitar-style still there. My only objection is the sound - the production. I think these recordings lacks the warmth of their earlier work. I think a better production could have made these fine recordings really great.

From the 1979 album songs like "Switchboard Susan", "It`s Too Late" and "Lost in Your Eyes" stand-out!

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