Indigo Girls

Despite Our Differences - Hollywood 2006

Tracks: 1. Pendulum Swinger / 2. Little Perennials / 3. I Believe in Love / 4. Three County Highway / 5. Run / 6. Rock and Roll Heaven's Gate / 7. Lay My Head Down / 8. Money Made You Mean / 9. Fly Away / 10. Dirt and Dead Ends / 11. All the Way / 12. They Won't Have Me / 13. Last Tears // 1. Money Made You Mean [*] / 2. Money Made You Mean [*] / 3. Last Tears [*] / 4. Little Perennials [*] / 5. Fly Away [*] / 6. Pendulum Swinger [*] / 7. Three Country Highway [*]


The title of this new Indigo Girls album makes it natural to compare the song-writing styles of the two Indigo Girls a little.

Amy Ray's style usually tends to be being less complicated than Emily Saliers' and often slighly raw and unpolished. To a certain extent this is also due to her vocal-style which is obviously more bluesy and rocking. Saliers style usually is softer, more melodice and refined, but it seemed on the two previous albums that they had become more alike with Ray contributing more strong material to their albums. Lyrically they both always kept the highest standards.

But again, on this new album you're never in doubt who wrote which songs and Emily Saliers is back as the undisputed main song-writer. Her opening track "Pendulum Swinger" is a catchy up-beat track in the same vein as their old hit-single "Hammer and a Nail".

"I Believe in Love" is a typical Saliers ballad - great track from which the album title was taken. "Sun" is another great catchy song with great sounding guitars - the same could be said about "Lay My Head Down" - another standout! "Fly Away" is a nice piano-ballad, though probably not among her most memorable.

"All the Way" is simply so great and catchy that it must be the obvious choice for the next single - my favourite along with "Pendulum Swinger" and "I Believe in Love". The melancholy country-ballad "Last Tears" closes the album perfectly - very moving lyrics - An equally great acoustic version can be found on CD 2 of the "Collector's Edition.

Amy Ray's first track on the album "Little Perennials" is classic Indigo Girls - upbeat and catchy. The sound of the distorted electric guitar towards somehow seems out of place. "Three County Highway" is a typical Ray song raw and bluesy - a song that grows on you. "Rock and Roll Heaven's Gate" - has a lot of energy but the riff-based song may sound like dozens of other rockers.

"Money Made You Mean" though driven by energetic acoustic guitars and emotional vocals somehow doesn't quite convince - musically the songs may be a little too vague. "Dirt and Dead Ends" and " They Won't Have Me" are slow songs, that sound like Neil Young or Bob Dylan songs - dark, heavy and bluesy.

All in all another great Indigo Girls album.

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