Savage Rose

Savage Rose - Polydor 1968

Tracks: 1. Your Sign/My Sign / 2. Open Air Shop / 3. You Be Free / 4. Oh Babe, Where Have / 5. A Girl I Knew / 6. Everybody Must Know / 7. Savage Rose / 8. Her Story / 9. White SwanŽs Marriage Clothes / 10. Sleep / 11. YouŽll Be Alright


This album was quite a surprise when released in 1968. Not very much progressive rock music had come out of Denmark in those days. And suddenly "Savage Rose" was there. Great compositions in various styles. A powerful voice (Anisette). Great band, consisting ot the two brothers Thomas and Anders Koppel ( Keyboards - they wrote all the songs), Annisette (vocals), Alex Riel ( drums - already a well-known at the time), Femming Ostermann ( guitar ), Jens Rugsted ( bass) and Ilse Maria Koppel ( harpsichord).

Most of the songs are incredibly strong. Great melodic tunes like "You Be Free", "Everybody Must Know", "White Swan's Marriage Clothes" and "Sleep". Powerful tracks like "Savage Rose" and "Open Air Shop". And the outstanding single "A Girl I Knew" - both catchy and haunting.

No weak tracks here!

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