Sandy Denny

Sandy - Island 1972

Tracks: 1. It'll Take a Long Time / 2. Sweet Rosemary / 3. For Nobody to Hear / 4. Tomorrow Is a Long Time / 5. Quiet Joys of Brotherhood / 6. Listen, Listen / 7. Lady / 8. Bushes and Briars / 9. It Suits Me Well / 10. Music Weaver / 11. Here in Silence / 12. Man of Iron / 13. Sweet Rosemary (demo) / 14. Ecoute Ecoute / 15. Itīll Take a Long Time (live)


As a big fan of Fairport Convention and Sandy's own first album, I bought "Sandy" back in 1972. I must admit that it took me quite some time to get used to some of these "new" songs. "For Nobody to Hear" did not sound like anything she'd done before - almost like a "Band" (Cahoots) arrangement. Other tracks like "The Lady" and "The Music Weaver" sounded dark and pretty difficult to get into.

Fortunately there were immediate "hits" like the majestic "It'll Take a Long Time" , Tomorrow is a Long Time" and "Listen, Listen" - great production.

Now I have learned to acppreciate the album as a whole, but still my favourites are the more simple folkish tunes "Sweet Rosemary", "Bushes and Briars" and "It Suits Me Well".

Of the five bonus-tracks the Fairport version of "It'll Take a Long Time" stands out!

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