Lou Reed

Sally Canīt Dance - RCA 1974

Tracks: 1. Ride Sally Ride / 2. Animal Language / 3. Baby Face / 4. N.Y. Stars / 5. Kill Your Sons / 6. Ennui / 7. Sally Can't Dance / 8. Billy / 9. Good Taste (*) / 10. Sally Can't Dance (Single*)


Lou Reed's 4th album "Sally Can't Dance" is usually not regarded as one of his most appreciated albums; often criticized for being too heavily weighed down by too much horn and female voices. And yes, I agree on this, to some extent. Some tracks do, in various degrees, suffer from this. But on the other hand; Reed's songwriting is as great as on most of his 1970's albums.

I particularly like the opener "Ride Sally Ride", which has a great build-up, and a wonderful cahrming end. Great song! Both versions of "Sally Can't Dance" are great too. Note that the single-version is not just an edited version of the album track, but a completely different recording. "Kill Your Sons", which is song from his Velvet Underground days, is a raw slow-rocker, and often regarded as the highlight of the album. Great solo-guitar on that one!

The album also contains some fine quieter songs, like the almost acoustic "Billy", the silent-sad "Ennui" and the bluesy "Baby Face", which with its 5 minutes playing time, tend to go on a little too long. So, though not one of Reed's very best albums, not so bad as some people seem to think.

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