Our Music Is Red With Purple Flashes - Edsel ( 66-68 )

Tracks: 1. Jackie Wilson Said / 2. Gypsy / 3. I Will Be There / 4. Listen to the Lion / 5. Saint Dominic's Preview / 6. Redwood Tree / 7. Almost Independence Day


”St Dominic’s Preview” is a great album form Morrison’s golden and very productive period in the early 1970’s. It’s one of his most highly rated, too, though it may have fewer of the real ”big” songs that people remember, than many of the other albums of that period.

A couple of songs may appear a bit too longwinded; at least for some people’s taste. In those days, though, it was rather common that one or two songs extended ten minutes, like ”Listen to the Lion” and ”Almost Independence Day” do here.

For me the most memorable tracks, though, are the exquiste title track with its great slightly mysterious lyrics and haunting melody, along with the two catchiest tunes on the album; ”Jackie Wilson Said” and ”Redwood Tree” – both were released as singles.

Musically it is classic Morrison; great vocals and songs with a great blend of folk, blues and jazz.

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