Safe Trip Home - Arista 2008

Tracks: 1. Don't believe in love / 2. Quiet times / 3. Never want to say it's love / 4. Grafton street / 5. It comes and it goes / 6. Look no further / 7. Us 2 little gods / 8. The day before the day / 9. Letís do the things we normally do / 10. Burnin love / 11. Northern skies // 1. For One Day / 2. Summer / 3. Northern Skies / 4. Dido Studio Film


Though Dido still sounds unmistakably like herself on her new album it is still obviously very different from her first two. Though some tunes are actually very melodic and catchy, don't expect to find big radio hits like "White Flag" or "Life for Rent". The tone is generally darker, and many of the songs lyrically deal with theme of loss. Though some fans may be disappointed with Dido's new direction, I'm sure she will win new fans with this new record, which really shows the versatile artist she really is.

The first track "Don't Believe in Love" which has been chosen for the first single off the album, has been hailed by many as one of the best tracks - I don't agree. It's a funky track with a good beat, but it really doesn't have a very memorable melody. In my view the next song "Quiet Times" is much stronger. It's an acoustic melodic song and for me one of several highlights on the album; though probably no good choice for a single.

"Never Want to Say it's Love" is a bluesy and cathcy tune, which I would seriosly have considered for a single - brings forward memories of the late Dusty Springfield. "Grafton Street" is one of the key songs on the album. It's a dark and sad song, with some great Celtic sounds adding a lot of atmosphere to the great tune. "It Comes and it Goes" is a lighter song and another track that may lead your thoughts towards Dusty Springfield og Burt Bacharach.

"Look No Further" was the first song to be released for download and it stands out as one of greatest tracks on the album. It has some of the beautiful simplicity as some of John Lennon's finest songs ( like "Imagine" or "Jealous Guy" ).

"Us 2 Little Gods" is an acoustic upbeat song, that probably a song that the sounds the most like her earlier songs. "The Day Before the Day" is another sad quiet song dealing with theme of losing one you love. A very moving song. "The Things we Normally Do" is a catchy melodic tune. A great original string arrangement - makes think of Suzanne Vega and her "Nine Objects of Desire" album. "Burning Love" is another nice acoustic song, but probably the least memorable song on the album.

The closing track, the grandiose "Northern Skies" is another key track. Playing for almost 9 minutes it is a logical choice to close the album. A haunting tune that makes me think of the great late Sandy Denny - it really sounds like a song she could have written.

On the Deluxe version of the album there 3 more tracks that all are great additions. "For One Day" is a funky track that would have fitted nicely into the album - a little in the same vein as "I Don't Believe in Love". "Summer" is a great acoustic song that for incomprehensively reasons was not selected for the album. The shorter version of "Northern Skies" is at least as strong as the long version - and nice to have this shorter version too.

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