The Beatles

Rubber Soul - Capitol 1965

Tracks:1. 1. I've Just Seen a Face / 2. Norwegian Wood / 3. Won't See Me / 4. Think for Yourself / 5. The Word / 6. Michelle / 7. It's Only Love / 8. Girl / 9. I'm Looking Through You / 10. In My Life / 11. Wait / 12. Run for Your Life


"Rubber Soul" is a historical classic, which hardly requires new presentation and evaluation. A few comments on this American Capitol edition, however, I would like to come along with.

As on the previous Capitol albums, there are fewer songs (only 12 as opposed to the European 14-tracks version). In addition, the starting number on each side (of the vinyl edition) is replaced by two earlier songs from "Help" ("I've Just Seen a Face "and" It's Only Love "- a personal favorite), meaning four songs are missing from the "real" " Rubber Soul ",(" Drive My Car "," Nowhere Man "," What Goes On "and" If I Needed Someone "); must have been a disappointment for American buyers.

"Rubber Soul" in the European Monoversion was my very first album, which I played hundreds of times, so it was fun to hear the stereo version, where details appear and here and there, which I never noticed.

Most striking is the false start of "I'm Looking Through You" a mystery that it was allowed to stand in its time.

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