Waiting For The Sun - Elektra 1968

Tracks: 1. Remake Remodel / 2. Ladytron / 3. If There is Something / 4. Virginia Plain* / 5. 2 H.B. / 6. The Bob (Medley) / 7. Chance Meeting / 8. Would You Believe? / 9. Sea Breezes / 10. Bitter´s End


Roxy Music’s debut album from 1972 is a highly original release giving the world a kind music that was never really heard before at that time. The band mixed basic rock’n roll with avantgarde with Andrew Mackay’s personal saxophone and oboe playing which often goes beyond traditional harmony rules. Also Ferry’s unsual way singing was of a kind that made people stop and listen.

Now after so many years, is there still life and qualities to enjoy the songs. Of course, the answer must be yes, although individual songs today may appear more interesting than really good.

For me, the single "Virginia Plain" is the standout, but also "Would You Believe", which at once is both a ballad and a rocker is a song that sticks with you. Other favorites are the almost country "If there is Something" with its fine horn sequence and the melodic "2HB"; both gems in Roxy Music catalog.

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