Ronnie Lane & Pete Townshend

Rough Mix - Polydor 1977

Tracks: 1. My Baby Gives It Away / 2. Nowhere To Run / 3. Rough Mix / 4. Annie / 5. Keep Me Turning / 6. Catmelody / 7. Misunderstood / 8. April Fool / 9. Street In The City / 10. Heart To Hang On To / 11. Till The Rivers All Run Dry / 12. Only You* / 13. Good Question* / 14. Silly Little Man*


This album from two prominent members of the Who and The Small Faces, is really a little gem.

For Ronnie Lane the album came at a point in his career when his Slim Chance project more or less econimically lay in ruins; and worse his multiple sclerosis had just been diagnosed.

For Pete Townshend this project came between the albums "The Who By Numbers" and "Who Are You", which tragically turned out to be the last to feature drummer Keith Moon.

"Rough Mix" is brilliantly produced by Glyn Johns, and the songwriting is more or less equally divided between Lane and Townshend. For Lane this could very well be his most consistent post Small Faces album release, and his songs are great. Especially "Nowhere to Run", "Annie" and "April Fool" stand out. His songs have great relaxed folkish feel, and he has pleasant voice, not unlike George Harrison.

Townshend's songs are great too. I particularly like "Keep Me Turning", which is both complex and catchy.

Lane and Townshend are supported by eaqually prominent friends such as Eric Clapton, Charlie Watts, John Bundrick, Ian Stewart, John Entwistle, Graham Lyle and Benny Gallagher, to mention some of the most significant.

The album received good reviews, but it was not promoted very much and consequently did not sell very well.

Should appeal to fans of both the Who and the Small Faces.

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