Roses - 2012

Tracks: 1. Conduct / 2. Tomorrow / 3. Fire & Soul / 4. Raining in My Heart / 5. Losing My Mind / 6. Schizophrenic Playboys / 7. Waiting in Walthamstow / 8. Show Me / 9. Astral Projections / 10. So Good / 11. Roses


"Roses" was released in 2012 after a long pause of ten years where the members of "The Cranberries" pursued solo careers. The line-up from the previous five albums is intact and producer of the two artistically very successful earliest album, Stephen Street, is back in the fold.

The music of the group may not have changed that much over the years, although the approach has become more radio-friendly since the two early albums. The songwriting is in many ways familiar and there are indeed many fine songs on "Roses" which are nicely varied in tempo and mood.

Not many would argue with the assertion that Dolores O'Riordan with her delicate and recognizable voice, is the group's greatest asset. On "Roses" she convincingly demonstrates her vocal versatility via almost whispering songs like "Waiting in Walthamstow" and "So Good" and at the opposite end via powerful songs as "Schizophrenic Playboy" and "Show Me".

The highlights for me are the delicate and haunting "Conduct" which to my ears has single-qualities. Perhaps it was assessed as being too long for this. Only single was the lighter "Tomorrow", which is quite catchy, but which may also appear somewhat lightweight.More durable are the subdued "Waiting in Walthamstow" and the quiet and melancholy "Astral Projections". Without really being "folk" there has always been a little touch of traditional music in the groupís song, which is here reflected in the fine title song "Roses".

Ten years is a long break, but "Roses" has definitely been worth the wait.

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