J.J. Cale

Roll On - Rounder / Umgd 2009

Tracks: 1. Who Knew / 2. Former Me / 3. Where The Sun Don't Shine / 4. Down To Memphis / 5. Strange Days / 6. Cherry Street / 7. Fonda-Lina / 8. Leaving Iin The Morning / 9. Oh Mary / 10. Old Friend / 11. Roll On / 12. Bring Down The Curtain


It’s always nice to hear new music from veteran laid-back blues-boogie-rocker J.J. Cale. This new CD maybe does not add much new to his long career, and most songs really sound like something you’ve heard before; but as always 2-3 tracks stand out - and many on the others are likely to grow on you - that’s what usually happens.

I’ve always liked the melodic side of Cale, which was very predominant on albums like “Grasshopper” and “Closer to You”. His more recent albums have relied more on his always present boogie-blues style, which is not a bad thing at all.

For me the stand-outs are the up-beat title-track, which features friend Eric Clapton who helps giving this track a fuller and heavier sound than other similar tracks on the album, and the two melodic country-influenced songs “Leaving in the Morning” and “Old Friend” are also great. And of course the bluesy closing track “Bring Down the Curtain”, too.

Great to know that Cale is still going strong.

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