Neil Young

Broken Arrow - Reprise 1996

Tracks: 1. Bye Bye Johnny / 2. Worried Life Blues / 3. Down The Road A Piece / 4. Confessin The Blues / 5. Too Pooped To Pop / 6. Mad Lad / 7. I Got To Find My Baby / 8. Betty Jean / 9. Childhood Sweetheart / 10. Broken Arrow / 11. Drifting Blues / 12. Let It Rock


Chuck Berry's fourth album does not quite match the level of the previous three. Of course there are a few classic Berry rock'n rollers such as "Bye Bye Johnny" and "Let et Rock". The former is actually a sequel to the classic "Johnny B.Goode". ”Down the Road a Piece" could actually be put in the same category, but it was not written by Berry himself, but by Don Raye. The song was also recorded by The Rolling Stones, who often used Berry songs on their early albums.

"Rockin 'at the Hops" also includes some fine blues rockers in form of "Worried Life Blues", "Confessing the Blues" and Berry's own "I Got to Find You Baby", all performed as the early Fleetwood Mac could have done it.

The rest of the album is more or less forgettable. Sound and production is generally somewhat uneven

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