Ten Years After

Rock & Roll Music to the World - Chrysalis 1972

Tracks: 1. Convention Prevention / 2. Turned Off T.V. Blues / 3. Standing At The Station / 4. You Can't Win Them All / 5. Religion / 6. Choo Choo Moma / 7. Tomorrow I'll Be Out Of Town / 8. Rock & Roll Music To The World / 9. You Give Me Loving


Ten Years After's eighth studio album "Rock & Roll Music To The World" from 1972 is prossibly one of the group's least interesting. Eight albums in just five years probably was than Alvin Lee and his band were able to deliver inspired new material for. This does not mean that the album is without highlights or memorable songs.

The opening track "You Give Me Loving" is a solid blues-rocker in the best Ten Years After style. The "Convention Prevention" follows up on the the slightly softer style that characterized its predecessor. "A Space in Time".

A bunch of fairly traditional blues rockers like "You Can not Win Them All," "Choo Choo Mama" and "Tomorrow I'll Be Out Of Town" are each solid enough, but sound on the other hand also very much like things heard before from the group. "Turned Off TV Blues" is pure blues at best Peter Green style. The title track gained quite some radio play and it is actually a nice and catchy rocker.

The highlight for me is clearly "Religion," which shows the group from its strongest side. Fine structure with increasing intensity and with classic rock supplemented with more modern elements. Here Alvin Lee is given space and time to showcase his the lead guitarskills tastefully og never boring.

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