Gene Clark

Roadmaster - Ariola 1973

Tracks: 1. She's the Kind of Girl / 2. One in a Hundred / 3. Here Tonight / 4. Full Circle Song / 5. In a Misty Morning / 6. Rough and Rocky / 7. Roadmaster / 8. I Really Don't Want to Know / 9. I Remember the Railroad / 10. She Don't Care About Time / 11. Shooting Star


Almost like a Lost Byrds Album .

Most of Gene Clark's 1973 release "Roadmaster" was recorded in 1972 by Clark and a group of country rock musicians . The album was later shelved, but was, however, released in Europe supplemented with two great tracks recorded during 1970/71 with the Byrds and "Here Tonight" recorded with "The Flying Burrito Brothers" .

These three great songs open "Road Master" and as the fourth track "Full Circle Song" also a song that connects with the The Byrds, you are actually not far from a real Byrds album. In particular, "She 's The Kind of Girl" and "One in a Hundred" do sound like they were from a great lost sixth Byrds album . "One in a Hundred" is in my opinion one of the very best Byrds songs. "Here Tonight" and "Full Circle Song" are a little more country oriented , but also close to the Byrds sound and obviously to "The Flying Burrito Brothers" .

The rest of the album is more uneven, partlu due to a couple of cover versions of older country songs which are not particularly interesting. Clark's own "In a Misty Morning", "Roadmaster " and "Shooting Star" are however fine songs. "Shooting Star" has a great deal in common with "From a Silver phial" of "No Other" . The remake of the early Byrds song " She Donít Care about Time" is a little tame compared to the original. All in all, a nice Clark album that easily rivals his two much acclaimed albums "White Light" and "No Other"

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